Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy has spent the last century of her life in the public eye and divided her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. With a career that includes both film and television, the brunette beauty gained her rising starlet status and the hearts of many. Famous and respected for her work, Kennedy always knew she wanted to be an actress. Her movies will make you want to keep your eyes glued to the screen for long marathon sessions.

Things you did not know about Jessica Parker Kennedy

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Nowadays, Hollywood is filled with many great talented people that attract plenty of viewers to their productions. Jessica Kennedy Parker has earned her rightful place in the industry and grabbed the attention of a lot of persons, who created her a dedicated fan site or community. With a killer smile, positive energy and stunning acting, the beautiful star keeps the ratings high in her screen plays and the characters very realistic. From dramas to comedies and supernatural, Jessica likes to challenge herself.

Born in Calgary, Canada, Kennedy has Italian, Russian and African family roots. Her mother supported her through an education at a performing arts high school in her hometown, where she later majored in Theatre Arts. She began her film career at the age of 21 with a Christmas themed part in the movie “Santa Barbara”. Jessica’s hard work has paid off as she was later casted in big television productions and hit motion pictures.

After exceptional roles in “Smallville” or “The Secret Circle”, the actress continued her great work in famous series “Black Sails”, which was her golden pass to worldwide stardom. She felt a little lonely as she had to film in a South African studio for six months a year every season, but it was worth it. The young celebrity used to think that pirates were sexy and cool, but after her portrayal of the prostitute Max she describes the world as terrifying and filthy.

The Canadian brunette, also a trained singer, tries to pick different characters every time so that people recognize her in various hypostases and not only in a one of a kind interpretation. For her role in the pirate series she studied the period’s wardrobe, customs and practiced her French accent so she can give an authentic performance. Due to her confident attitude, a good work ethic and optimism, there is no wonder Jessica Parker Kennedy is a world-renewed performer.

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