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Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy has spent the last century of her life in the public eye and divided her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. With a career that includes both film and television, the brunette beauty gained her rising starlet status and the hearts of many. Famous and respected for her work, Kennedy always knew she wanted to be an actress. Her movies will make you want to keep your eyes glued to the screen for long marathon sessions.

Black Sails

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In 2006, the Canadian cutie got her first role in “Santa Baby”, in which she plays an elf. Due to her great acting, she got casted alongside Selena Gomez in “Another Cinderella Story”. She is a mood booster with her witty interpretation of the fairy godmother. Whether or not the contemporary way of retelling Cinderella’s fairy tale is perfect for your first date night, take your Los Angeles escort and go watch the funny movie.

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Her repertoire also includes high-profile films such as “50/50”. Starring alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen, Kennedy’s performance as Jackie has earned her positive critiques and good reviews. The biographical comedy it will make you cry or laugh, and at the end of it you will feel very satisfied about the work of the actors and crew. Although brutally realistic, it takes something serious as cancer and turns it into a comedy and drama.

Jessica Parker Kennedy is one of the outstanding actors in the science fiction film “In Time”, which also features Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. Set in a society where people do not get past age 25, the plot revolves around the love story of two characters and their struggling to keep the relationship alive. Praised over the originality of her act in the role of Edouarda, Kennedy proves she deserves her spot in the Hollywood industry.

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Versality and completeness

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After exceptional portrayals in comedies, dramas, supernatural shows, Jessica finds herself at stage career which is both young and mature. She loves to embrace challenges and show versatility with every character choice she makes. With a confident screen presence and stunning features, it is shocking this beauty has not been noticed earlier. The movie experience with Jessica Parker Kennedy takes you to another level of intensity.

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